Meet Louise

You are so welcome here.
Dancing the 5Rhytms bring connection, love and freedom into my life. It is a place were I get to be ‘just me’ and I get to discover who that is. I love our growing community i Southern Sweden, Österlen and bringing my mentor Berit Hague here, as well as other inspiring teachers. 5Rhtythms is a very large community here in Sweden and internationally, and I love being a part the tribe.
What makes me excited is getting deep into how our brains are shaped by our connections to others and how emotions spring from our past experiences. How we are given and, also create, believes about ourselves, others and the world that often are not true. I really love being curious about how to get into the space between body sensations, before it becomes emotions and thoughts, and then a big story that we hold to be true. I LOVE how the dance allows me to discover new perspectives and gives me freedom.
For me dancing the 5Rhythms unfolds constructions imposed by others as the self-imposed ones. I hold a safe, open and genuine space for you to explore the 5Rhythms in.